Taylor Hutchison

6th year PhD Candidate.
NSF Graduate Fellow.

I'm a bisexual astrophysicist working with some of the most distant galaxies ever discovered, using some of the largest telescopes on the planet (and in space!) to do so. As an NSF Graduate Fellow, I am passionate about not only my science, but also about giving back to the community in any way I can. If you want to learn more about me, look below!

I also take photos of my travels for observing, which you can view in my travel photo gallery.

What is "aibhleog"?

Understandably, I get this question a lot. Especially because my email (aibhleog@tamu.edu), GitHub account, Twitter handle, and many more things carry this name! Often people think it's gibberish or a spam account (which in hindsight I do wish I had thought about...)

This name comes from what I named my cello. My cello has the most strikingly beautiful wood — in the sunlight it has multiple layers and looks like it's made of glowing embers. Because of this, I named it "Aibhleog Loiscneach" (/ɑːvlʊg/ /ləʊʃkneɪx/), which (loosely) means "Burning Embers" in Irish Gaelic.

If you want to decipher that pronounciation, look here!