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In addition, I've featured some highlights of my academic career thus far:

— Education —

Texas A&M University, Ph.D. Astronomy Aug 2022
Texas A&M University, M.S. Astronomy May 2019
Southwestern University, B.S. Physics May 2016

— Honors & Awards —

Dr. Joseph Newton Graduate Service Award Fall 2019
Keck Visiting Scholar (details) Fall 2019
College of Science Leadership in Equity and Diversity Award Spring 2018
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (details) 2018–2022
Dept. of Physics & Astronomy Diversity Grant Fall 2016
Texas A&M University Graduate Diversity Excellence Fellowship 2016–2020

— Service & Outreach —

JWST Subject Matter Expert (details) since summer 2021
#UniqueScientists Editing Director (details) since May 2019
Warrior-Scholar Project: STEM TA June 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
Co-founder, co-leader of Society for the Under-represented in Physics & Astronomy (details) 2016–2019
Astronomy Graduate Student Representative 2018–2020
APS CUWiP 2020, TAMU hosting: Local Organizing Committee 2019–2020
Departmental Climate and Diversity Committee Member 2018–2020

— Professional Development Talks —

matplotlib & Effective Plotting (recording) 9 October 2020
Crafting Your CV/Resume (recording) 24 June 2020
Building Your Professional Website Using HTML (recording) 3 April 2020

More details

Below I'll go into a little more detail about some of the highlights! The colored part of the titles will be hyperlinks to take you to more information. If you have questions or are curious about anything, feel free to reach out to me at .

NSF Graduate Research Fellow

I received the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship in Spring 2018. The application process the previous fall had been a stressful but rewarding experience. When I first expressed interest in applying, I was told by some faculty to not even bother – that only Ivy Leagues & West Coast R1 institutions ever got it. Thankfully I'm very stubborn and had a very supportive advisor (thanks, Casey Papovich!) so I did it anyway.

I've written up some of my personal experience & advice for this process, as well as sharing my application statements and linking a ton of past & current NSF Fellows whose resources I leaned on heavily.

Keck Visiting Scholar

In Sept & Oct 2019, I was a Visting Scholar at the W. M. Keck Observatory in Waimea, Hawai'i. I proposed to work on testing and upgrades to the MOSFIRE NIR spectrograph – the very one I use extensively for all of my research.

If you'd like to read more about my work there, I have an SPIE paper! Check out more details and the link to my GitHub repo for this work on my Research page.

#UniqueScientists Editing Director

I am the Editing Director for an international team running the #UniqueScientists project. This project was first conceived when a friend faced archaic prejudices for what a scientist should look like and decided to change that. The goal of #UniqueScientists is to normalize and celebrate how diverse and unique every single scientist is — in the hopes that 1) every day those with prejudices find a less and less welcoming place for their archaic and hateful words, and 2) everyone can find a scientist that looks like them and feel that anything is possible.

We are currently on a hiatus, but we hope to revamp soon!

SUPA co-founder

I co-founded the Society for the Under-represented in Physics & Astronomy (SUPA) in 2016 to answer a need in our department for community & representation for our under-represented peoples. After a four years, I stepped down from leadership and finished out grad school as a regular member of the group.

SUPA's mission: To bring together and provide support for diverse peoples to create and foster an inclusive and engaged community. To create a space for free communication among diverse groups to promote support and community.

JWST Subject Matter Expert

I am part of NASA's outreach team as a JWST subject matter expert (SME). As an SME, I get connected to various events in and around Texas that have been chosen as hosts of JWST-related science outreach events. Recently, I gave an SPS Distinguished Public Lecture as part of Texas Lutheran University's Family Physics Night event.